Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips For Using Free Invention Machine Database Tool

Tips For Using Free Invention Machine Database Tool
Written For Patent Searchers Familiar With Innovation Institute Electronic Inventions

Innovation Institute is releasing the adaptive invention machine tools to the public to help patent searchers discover prior art. The free tools offer in part what’s not easily available on government funded patent databases.

Adaptive Matrix™:
• The adaptive electronic components link to other sections of its international patent applications. Matrix Links™ provide more detail for the invention they are linked with. Tree branching is a kind of Matrix. More on adaptive electronic component  and their Adaptive Matrix at www.InventionSpringboard.com/SearchTool/matrix.html
• Invention specifications are described in a branching format. Matrix™ can also be like branches of a tree. You can also look at the same invention details from another more sophisticated perspective where the networking can be like a geometric networmatrix branching treek of interlinking invention details. More on the matrix’s branching www.inventionspringboard.com/SearchTool/branching.html and their valuable benefits.

Matrix Links™ Search Tool:
Proximity key word searches are Not Enough! The electronic essential Matrix™ links multiple layers of invention details.
• Check back for updates to the beta invention machine tools.

Common parts used by Adaptive Invention Machine™ and Adaptive Matrix Language™:
The electronic parts (electronic hardware or software component) are used in the electronic inventions. Each electronic hardware or software component can adaptively be like a building block. Different interesting combinations of the electronic building blocks manifest different inventions. Each electronic hardware or software component might have countless functions.

Disclaimer: Nothing is warranted on this or linked sites. Invention Springboard is Innovation Institute, LLC’s exclusive marketing agent. Invention Springboard handles the Adaptive Invention Machine™ database and related systems. Invention Springboard’s materials are usually beta or brainstorming.

Get Creative..!  Explore www.InventionMachine.Biz for your patent searches.

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