Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dirty Pet Paw Cleaning Access Door's Accepted Patent Application

Electronic Pet Door Paw Cleaner's Accepted Patent Application & Links

World's Largest Known Pet Patent Application Is Too Big To Always Send Around By Email.

The electronic pet door invention was filed into around 70 countries.  Countries allow patents after they search patent databases for anyone who invented it earlier.  Patent databases listed at can be used by all countries. Hence a patent search from one intelligent patent examiner can be enough, or nearly all that's needed by patent examiners in other countries.

See The Dirty Pet Paw Cleaning Access Door's Accepted Patent Application By Typing In The NZ Patent Application Number 570109 at the following link If you save the document you may not have the issue with opening it from the site.  You'll need an updated TIFF reader on your computer.

Unfortuately Innovation Institute is unable to email the accepted electronic pet door patent application due to file size

A proximity key word search into the parent patent application GeniusAdaptiveDesign.Com might be easier when using the free search tool via www.InventionMachine.BIZ.

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