Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adaptive Pet Door FAQ

FAQ For Adaptive Pet Door Paw Cleaner Invention

Q:  Can the pet paw electronic door invention get my cat and dog to clean themselves before being granted access?
A: Yes. Upcoming animal access control inventions can require a wide range of things pets must do before being granted access into your home.

Q:  Can the pet paw electronic door cleaner adapt to my pet's slow learning ability?
A: The animal access control inventions are highly adaptive. Simple models let you adjust the pet door settings. Advanced models will learn your pet behavior and adapt accordingly.

Q: Will the electronic pet door know or be able to predict how much my pet needs to be cleaned before coming inside?
A: Yes. The adaptive access control technology can do all the above. But to keep down costs, simpler pet access models will rely on Adaptive Pet Behavior Analyzers TM for estimating their degree of cleanliness. This can be done via many ways such as:
1. Requiring a certain time duration over which the motion sensor determines the pet has moved on the floor mat, or scratched against the solid door flaps' brush mat.
2. Adapting to inclement weather. Rainy and snowy days can require longer Adaptive Pet Cleaning Sessions ™
3. The parent patent applications for the Adaptive Pet Door™ are the largest known pet patent applications known in world history. There are countless other technologies that can become cost effective enough over the upcoming years and decades to ease pet owner worries about dirty pets.

Q:  What are Innovation Institute’s predictions for future electronic pet door trends? Will the electronic pet door manufacturing industry be revolutionized by the new technology?
A: Pet invention engineers might explore the free beta invention database at www.InventionMachine.Biz. The speed of change in the electronic pet door industry is largely tied to the “politics of innovation”. Pet door manufacturers heavily invested in outdated pet door manufacturing equipment may try to avoid the trend until it’s too late.  History repeats itself in our pet high technology industries.

Q:  Is the electronic pet door patented?
A: The pet paw cleaning inventions include the pet door.  Put simply, the patented pet door invention is undergoing public review to determine if anyone invented it before Steven Kays.  New Zealand was the first OECD and Paris Convention member country to grant the patent.

Q:  Is the electronic pet door patented in more than once country?
A: The pet paw cleaning inventions are patent pending in over 70 countries.

Q:  Can the pet paw electronic door cleaner learn new functions as I learn more what I want from the invention?
A: The animal access control inventions are the most sophisticated.  The options are countless. There has to be enough demand for a specific pet control function to meet Innovation Institute’s minimum pet door manufacturing runs. Book mark this site and come back for updates.

Q:  Is it possible that the future electronic pet door paw cleaning products might ……?
A: The patent pending animal access control inventions have countless options.  The benefits and ramifications are why the patent application is so long.

Q: Are you on Twitter?
A: Yes follow Adaptive Pet Door™ at @PetCleaningDoor.

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