Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Invention Database Tool Into Pet Door & Other Electronic Inventions

Discover The Free Invention Database Tool At www.InventionMachine.Biz.

Adaptive Pet Door TM and other inventions are viewable via key word proximity searches.

While this patent application filed in over 70 countries since Jan 2006 only has a whopping 500,000+ words, the expanded version is many times bigger. With the abbreviations, links and more, filing patents on paper in 2-D is increasingly becoming more and more outdated. 

Dynamic inventions are often best experienced in 3-D or 4-D.  www.InventionMachine.Biz is a humble attempt to bring the world's biggest known patent applications to this modality.  Read up more on this in other literature from Innovation Institute, LLC.

Enjoy The Free Invention Machine Search Tool

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