Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Electronic Pet Door

Beta Ad For
The future Adaptive Pet Door

Brainstorming just one way to promote the Adaptive Pet Door™ invention.
The world’s best pet door is not yet available for sale.

World’s smartest pet door helps get cleaner paws. Moving the paws on floor mats triggers the automated door opener.

Savings from ruined carpets and upholstery can more than pay for your new pet door replacement. Why waste time always cleaning?

Your house pets can open the Best Electronic Pet Door™
by stepping on a softly bristled mat. Motion sensors require your cat or dog move a programmable time period.

Unique invention reduces dirt tracked in by pets. System creatively teaches pets that standing impatiently on the soft bristles, eventually opens the door. Motion sensors require the pet move for a minimum time period, before the door opens; thereby helping assure more dirt is removed. Now owners can leave the pet doors open during inclement weather, resulting in less mud tracked inside. Invention solves many other related issues.

Pets will always have dirty paws even with floor mats, and people will always need pet doors.  Why let your pets track in more mud than necessary?

Patent applications for the Best Electronic Pet Door ™ filed in over 80 countries. Innovation Institute is its sole manufacturer.

Maybe reduce slip hazards from pets tracking in mud or water? Possibly reduce germ transmission? Think of the other possible benefits the next time it rains or snows.

Free Customization: Manufacturing customizes the pet door to fit into just about any size somewhat larger than your pet.
• Works with glass sliding doors. 
• Cut a hole into a wall from inside the house to the yard.
• Wall mats: pick from many colors and types. You can nail them into the area surrounding the door.
• Back up battery source: Two sets of rechargeable AA batteries. Comes with unattached battery charger.
• Pet door’s frame: Choose your color.
• Pet door: Choose your color.

Operates on electric current, with battery back up during power failures. Electrical adapter works in most countries.

We trust you’ll love the advantages. Pay half before, and the balance in three months. Free shipping, insurance and taxes for buyers in US, Canada, European Community, most Commonwealth countries, and Japan. Install it yourself, or a local contractor probably can come to you for two hundred dollars.

Warranty – Pet Door: Two year labor warranty. Four year parts warranty. Warranty limited to mechanical failure. Mechanic’s thick metal casing prevents chewing. Use common sense.

Warranty – Accessories: Ninety days.

Returns: Forty percent restocking fee if return is sent within ninety days. Five percent goes to animal humane societies. No refund on installation.

Why let pets constantly run straight through your out dated pet door with too much dirt?  The new invention will work with cats or dogs of all sizes. Even slow learning pets should eventually remember their pet door’s location. For example, as the pet becomes accustomed to their new pet door, the required waiting time increases. The longer the pet waits frantically, the more they step around and remove their paw’s dirt. At first there’s no waiting time, then it increases over time.

Replace Your Old Pet Door - Best Electronic Pet Door™ Advantages:
• Cuts germ transmissions. Tracked germs spread everywhere.
• Reduces slippery floor hazards during inclement weather.
• Saves cleaning time.
• Save time manually cleaning paws.
• Feel more comfortable when you’re out of the house. Have more flexibility when traveling during bad weather as the pet door can remain in operation.
• Only your pets are granted wireless access.

Pet Door Accessories:
• Comes with wireless transmitters for your pet’s collar, enabling your pet’s access. Helps keep out stray animals. The first four are included in case they get lost. Ten dollars for each additional.

Other Pet Products: Must be shipped with Best Electronic Pet Door™.
• Vacation pet food feeder. Works up to one week. Small, Medium, Large.
• Water bowl fountain and purifier: Running water induces pets to drink more often. Water gets filtered.
• Soft bristle doormats best purchased in your area.

Place orders now. Customized pet door deliveries take around two months. So order now. Invented and manufactured in California by Innovation Institute, LLC. Marketed by Invention Springboard www.InventionSpringboard.com.

Again, the invention is still waiting to get produced. Manufacturer with the following skills needed: electronic access control.

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