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Top 100 Advantages Of Adaptive Electronic Pet Doors

Cleaner Home:

Cleans Pets: Cats and dogs get cleaned when coming inside. Arriving home with your dog from a dirty walk?  Send your dog into the backyard. The rear house pet cleaning pet door helps clean your pet.

Pet Potty: Cats and dogs need to relieve themselves.

Pet Safety:

Safety Refuge From Danger: Wild coyotes eat cats and dogs. Crazy Africanized bees attack animals. What happens if a stray dog gets into your yard? Minimize cat fights.

One Way Access Pet Door: Keeping pets inside at night, when coyotes hunt can be smart. Get an electronic pet door that allows pets inside at night, but doesn’t allow them outside until daylight.

Keep out unwanted animal visitors: Only your pet gains pet door entry via their pet collar’s radio frequency ID (RFID).

Pet Deaths From Excessive Cold Or Heat: Allows needed pet access to avoid inclement weather. Excessive cold weather means pets eat more food. Save on pet food costs.

Pet Door Fire Escape: cats and dogs escape burning homes through pet doors.

Pet Health:
• Pet exercise extends pet life.  It can also make them less frustrated. Frustrated pets destroy home furniture. Cats and dogs want freedom of movement. Would you like being trapped indoors all day?
• Cats and dogs benefits from eating fresh grass.

If your water bowl spilled or ran dry outside, the cat and dog can come inside to the second water bowl.

Convenience & Pease Of Mind For Humans:

Handicapped Pet Owners: Be less encumbered with having to open and close the pet door.

Don’t Be Cruel: Will pet owners always hear or see your pet waiting to seek access?

Rat Control: Cats and dogs might find it easier to catch rats and mice. If you have rats in the attic, a catwalk plank going to the attic pet door is an option for limited rodent control needs.

Pets access other parts of your home without leaving normal house doors open. Cats and dogs can access if you wish certain bedrooms. Cats and dogs access garages, basements.

Saves Pet Owner’s Time: Don’t need to rush back home to let your dog or cat inside or outside. Save yourself from always having to get up to let the dog or cat in or out.

Won’t get woken at night when pet needs to relieve themselves. Electronic pet doors offer a better night’s sleep.

Pet access technology knows your pet’s location. Basic pet location technology tells you if the pet is inside, outside, and how long ago they went outside.
• Pet’s Indoor GPS™: Optional GPS pet tracking tells owners the pet’s exact location. Indoor GPS™ and basic GPS transmit pet locations to your iPhone or computer in live time.

Keep Pests Out: Only animals wearing special sensor collars gain entry. Keep out skunks, raccoons, hungry foxes, snakes, possums, neighborhood pets, etc.

Safety Pet Doors May Offer Human Pet Door Owners:

Babies can’t crawl through electronic pet doors. Special sensor collars worn by cats and dogs give pet entry privileges.

Less reason to run into a burning house. The fire escape pet door lets pets and cats escape fire.

Save Thousands Of Dollars:

Cleaner carpets and furniture means you save from buying replacements quickly.

Less frustrated pets may create less damage.

With the pet paw cleaning option on adaptive pet doors, you’ll have less puddles or mud on the floor. Less slippery floors means fewer trips to the hospital. Or in certain circumstances, have less dog law suites filed by visitors because you didn’t have a pet paw cleaning system in effect?

Less cleaning supplies needed. Less billable hours from house keepers.

Gas money diving home more often to let pet in or out.

Lower vet bills with healthier pets getting more pet door induced exercise. If a pet hears something, they can get up and go see what happened. That’s more pet exercise.

Lower heating and air conditioning bills: Old pet doors are drafty, and lack modern pet door insulation.

Best Custom Made Pet Doors Available From Innovation Institute:
• Adaptive Pet Doors™ offer more than any other electronic pet door in the world. If you can find a more adaptive and smart pet door – let us know.  They might be copying Innovation Institute technology.
• Innovation Institute is the world leader in offering the most versatile pet doors. Innovation Institute’s patented technology is exclusive to Innovation Institute’s Adaptive Pet Doors™.

Researching Pet Door Advantages & Reasons Pet Door Befits Make Sense:
Research more about the best reasons for getting a pet door, and electronic pet door problem solutions. Research terms including:
“electronic pet door” (benefits OR advantages OR reasons OR “purpose of”) AND (list OR “top 5” OR “top 10” OR “top 15” OR “top 20”) -price
• Nothing warranted. See electronic pet door and adaptive pet door disclaimers. Pet accidents happen. Be smart.

There Are Many More Advantages To Adaptive Pet Doors Than Can Fit Here.

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