Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adaptive Pet Door

Adaptive Pet Door™ Preliminary Patent Issued

The electronic pet door industry will be revolutionized with new pet door technology.  The pet paw door cleaner can adapt in hundreds of ways to your pet’s unique behavior. Different versions of the to be manufactured pet paw door cleaner will match different sized dogs, cats and other animals.

Conditions house cats and dogs to open a pet door by stepping on a softly bristled mat. Motion sensors require the pet move a programmable time period.

Unique invention reduces dirt tracked in by cats and dogs. System creatively teaches cats and dogs that standing impatiently on the soft bristles, eventually opens the door. Motion sensors require the pet move for a minimum time period, before the door opens; thereby helping assure more dirt is removed. Now pet paw cleaning door owners can leave the electronic pet doors open during inclement weather, resulting in less mud tracked inside.

Cats and dogs will always have dirty paws, and people will always need electronic pet doors. For extra measure, the system has the option of beeping the pet paw cleaning door owner just before pet enters, so their paws can be checked.
There are diverse ways the pet should easily learn how the product works. The invention should be made to work with cats or dogs of about any size or aptitude. For example, as the pet becomes accustomed to their new electronic pet door, the required waiting time increases. The longer the pet waits frantically, the more they step around and remove their paw’s dirt. At first there’s no waiting time, then it increases over time.

The pet paw door cleaning patents and pending patent applications can be programmed to require just about anything the pet could do, before the pet gains access. The pet paw door cleaner is just one version of the Adaptive Access Control™ technology invented in California. For pet owners, here are a portion of the advantages in buying your pet paw door cleaner when it becomes available www.PetDoorPawCleaner.blogspot.com/2011/09/advantages.html

Innovation Institute helped invent the unique pet door years before it was filed into the Jan 2006 patent application. Subsequent patent applications continue to improve the pet door access technology.

Check back for updates and information on how to order your dirty paw pet door from the sole future manufacturer: Innovation Institute, LLC.

Consider holding off on investing in a new pet door. In the future, Invention Springboard looks forward to accepting orders for the best pet door in the world. The main pet paw door cleaner blog for this and more adaptive pet door invention postings is at Adaptive Pet Door Blog


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